Week 3 Update

The pups are getting mobile. They started to climb out of the whelping box.  I added a weaning pen connected to it so they have a place to sleep and a place to play and potty.  It also gives Bora much needed room.  The personalities are starting to come out.

Grinch - friendly and fun.  He likes to go to each litter mate and try to wrestle.  He is also fearless and loves people.  He will gladly approach anyone who comes near his pen.  Very brindle.

Pumpkin - Sweet and a people lover. She loves to get in your lap.  She also will not back down from a wrestling match. The most brindle of the bunch.

Chestnut - Big and powerful.  He has a unique white spot on his chest. Sweet and loves to cuddle.

Peanut - loves to play with her litter mates. Her  friend is Pumpkin.  She loves to wrestle, preferably with Pumpkin, but won't back down from any fight.    She sleeps a lot.

Joy - The most vocal of all the pups.  She tells  the world she has arrived.  She is big, powerful, and loves to sit on a lap.  Joy loves Gracie.  She also loves to be pet.  Loves it!

Gracie - another vocal girl. She is jet black as of now, that could always change.  Loves to be held.  Loves snuggling!

Bailey - brindle in color.  Bailey likes to lay next to you.  She will sit in your lap, but not for long.  She will move next to you and touch your leg. She loves to hand with Pumpkin.

Peppy - has a white mark on his chest.  Face is brindle, body is black, with a bit of brindle.  My guess is he will develop into one of the most unique colored dogs.  He loves to explore.  He is fearless and was the first one to leave the box on his own.

Gizmo - The most relaxed dog of them all.  Loves to snuggle and chill.  He didn't blink during early neurological stimulation.