PureBred Dutch Shepherd Puppies For Sale RARE COMBINATION OF GENETICS AND PERFORMANCE available in the USA. Stud and Bitch are proven workdogs. As well as siblings. Stud and Bitch are proven work dogs straight from Holland with proven pedigrees.


Bitch Information

Bora uit den Liemers (FCI and AKC registered) (Hips and Elbows Tested Perfect)(KNPV High Honors Police Dog) BRN 25622 - Full Sister to 2018 IPO2 Champion Bo uit den Liemers, Full Sister to 2015 IPO 1 National Champion Beryl uit den Liemers, and 2015 WDSAA TOP DUTCH SHEPHERD ,** HELPER'S CHOICE ** Bora’s prior litter are all in excellent health and alive. Two are police k9, all others excel in IPO and KNPV. Family tree has proven IPO and KNPV all throughout. DNA registered. Boras XRAYS are clean and she is 100% healthy.

AKC/FSS. FCI Netherlands


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Stud Information

Holland Eran van Le Dobry (FCI and AKC Registered)(No hip or elbow issues in his life)(KNPV High Honors Police Dog PH1-Worked as Dutch Police Dog) BRN 14655 FCI Registered, Career as Holland Police K9 - Full brother to Multiple Time National IPO Champion - Holland Excellent van Le Dobry BRN 12528 Family tree has proven IPO and KNPV all throughout. DNA registered.

Eran was a strong and healthy dog that died of old age at 14.

AKC / FSS / FCI / UKC Registered AKC DNA

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Semen was provided frozen by de Las Flores Kennel of Olympia, Washington and procedure performed by DVM Carla Barstow of Tampa, Florida, Board Certified Theriogenologist at Tampa Veterinary Hospital.


The puppies were born 12-28-2018. They will be ready to go home 02-23-18. Pups will have up to date screening, shots and worming that is recommended for puppies up to 8 weeks old. Microchipped as well. I want the puppies to be active and live out their best lives.



About the Bitch

Bora is a hard hitting, body slamming, high flying wrecking machine. But only when the switch is ON. She can turn it off in a second, and turn it right back on. She is clear headed and has solid nerves. She is the sweetest family protection dog. She lets all strangers know that she is watching. Once she gets to know you, you have a new best friend that would protect you with every ounce of her breath. She is fearless, and brave. When I first brought her to an IPO biting seminar after getting her from Holland, I was immediately offered $25,000 on the spot from a trainer in attendance. I would not take $1,000,000. She is simply the greatest dog my family has ever had, and we have had lots. If her puppies get her personality, the owner’s are in for a real treat. Two of Bora’s litter mates have achieved IPO Championships.



BORA received her PH1 with High Honors. She is simply one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever seen.


About the Stud

Eran was a proven police K9 that served in Holland. He was a PH1 With high honors. Eran was a high “flier”, meaning that they launch from huge distances and almost seem happier in the air than on the ground. If these puppies aren't born with rocket boosters pre-installed, we'll be surprised. We expect Eran to contribute full and hard powerful grips as well as stability, power, intensity and solid build.